Turning Arguments into Problem Solving

As a Collaborative Divorce attorney my day-to-day job is trying to turn arguments into conversations focused on problem solving issues. In a legal profession steeped in the adversarial model of conflict negotiation that sometimes feels counterculture.

But the fact is that almost every part of our society has embraced interest based, problem solving conflict resolution. The legal profession with its frequently anachronistic processes and traditions is simply lagging behind the rest of society.   

This kind of negotiation and conversation becomes even more important in today’s society of constant conflict about things we never thought we’d have to talk about.

This piece by NPR applies problem solving negotiation to hard conversations with people that have different reactions, behaviors, and comfort levels with the pandemic.

But the lessons and skills discussed can be taken into any conflict.  I use it in divorce negotiations every day, but you can take into work, family, and other areas of life in which you want to tackle a tough topic without alienating others.  I hope it helps as we all navigate difficult times.

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