Resources: Individuals and groups eager to help

A vast support network

Working with Tré Morgan, you’ll understand you are not alone in this process. To underscore this, we’ve collected a list of other resources that may be useful before, during and after your divorce.

North Carolina Collaborative Attorney Network

Guide to Collaborative Divorce

The North Carolina Collaborative Attorney Network has created a guide to help you get a basic understanding of the Collaborative Process without having to take the step of calling an attorney. You can use this guide to get the basics from the privacy and comfort of your sofa. 

Mental Health Professionals and Child Specialists in the Triangle

Mental health professionals are an invaluable resource to clients and their children. Tré has worked with and recommends all these practices and professionals.

3-C Family Services
Tremendous group of practitioners in Cary, including collaborative professionals Dr. Brian Mackey and Dr. Rebecca Townsend

Dr. Katrina Kuzyszyn-Jones
Expert in the dynamics between mental health and family law

Dr. Amanda Price
Experienced marriage counselor with offices in Durham and North Raleigh

Lepage Associates
Experienced professionals in Durham/RTP

Acacia Collaborative
Therapist, Collaborative Divorce coach and colleague Dr. Nicole Imbraguglio

North Carolina Collaborative Divorce Attorneys

Tré Morgan is an expert in the Collaborative Divorce process and has frequent contact with the following groups across North Carolina.

Collaborative Divorce Experts of Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill
Tré’s home area collaborative practice group

North Carolina Collaborative Attorney Network
Attorneys and colleagues located throughout North Carolina ready to provide information on Collaborative Divorce

Charlotte Area
Southpark Family Law – Deb Dilman and Molly Anthony

King Collaborative Family Law
Irene King

Wilmington Area
Michael and Russel, PA – Ashley Michael and Ashley-Nicole Russell

Greenville Area
Ashley-Nicole Russell

Kelley Gondring

Woman reading

Further reading

There are hundreds of books about divorce. I wish I could say I’ve read them all, but I can’t.  I can say that the following books walk through the vital principles of working through conflict and how we communicate in the Collaborative Process. These books provide tremendous tools for managing and resolving conflict in every part of your life and are especially important in resolving the conflict inherent in divorce. I have read all of these books multiple times and frequently return to them for guidance in a variety of situations.

Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenburg

Difficult Conversations

Getting to Yes

Getting Past No


If you have any additional questions about any of these resources, contact Tré Morgan to learn more.