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A Personal Message from Tré Morgan, Board-Certified Family Law Specialist, Collaborative Attorney and Mediator

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I’m sorry you find yourself in need of a lawyer for what can be a difficult time. After litigating divorce cases in court for years, I realized most families didn’t need a courtroom. What they need are lawyers who would do their best to help their clients meet their needs without tearing families apart in the process. I believe it is possible for spouses to part ways while protecting other parts of their lives — such as finances, children, support networks and future happiness. And I’ve got the experience that proves it.

After working for other firms for nearly a decade, I opened my own practice in 2010. I feel fortunate that I’ve been able to help many families find their way through divorce with a minimum of strife. I myself was a child of a contentious divorce, so I have an informed perspective on marriage and divorce from multiple angles. After having a front row seat to the destruction that ugly divorces and court battles wreak on people, families and finances, I believe my purpose as a lawyer is to help people avoid that kind of divorce. Read more about the range of services I offer.

Professional Credentials

My firm is an affiliate of the non-profit group Collaborative Divorce Experts. This provides me with continued training, knowledge sharing and highly experienced and knowledgeable Collaborative Divorce attorneys as colleagues.

I have extensive training in the Collaborative Practice of family law, negotiation, mediation, and effective communication techniques. I am a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, the largest association of collaborative law professionals in the world.

Additional Details

  • BA, Psychology from UNC Chapel Hill, 1997
  • Juris Doctor from UNC Chapel Hill, 2001
  • Founding Board Member, North Carolina Collaborative Attorney Netrwork (NCCAN)
  • North Carolina Bar Association – Family Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution Sections

Working with Me

Putting myself in your shoes, I would have a lot of questions. I would have a lot of legal questions and even more questions about the ultimate outcome of my case. But the first question I encourage all prospective clients to ask an attorney is, “What’s it like to work with you?”

First, I am a solo practitioner. Because I do all the legal work, you won’t work with any associates, partners, or paralegals. You will meet only with me. You will talk only to me on the phone. You will get emails only from me. I control my calendar, so when we need to schedule something, you and I will do that together. You won’t be asked to share your story with every person you meet with in my office; you only share it only once, and only with me.

Second, I believe humor helps. In a difficult situation, it can be a great tool for breaking tension, reminding ourselves of the big picture when the details feel overwhelming, or just laughing so that our brains can flush some stress hormones and inject some pleasure chemicals instead. Research has shown us that our brains function way better on pleasure chemicals than stress chemicals. Bottom line: we are all people, not just obstacles or problems to deal with. You won’t catch me trying out one-liners in front of a brick wall, but a laugh every now and then can help.

Third, I’m pretty cautious. I don’t settle for “good enough” when it comes to most things involving clients. I don’t like it when clients understand things “well enough” – I work to ensure my clients truly understand the moving pieces of their resolution. There is a balancing of future unknowns and risks in any divorce resolution, and I want my clients to have a very clear understanding of the balance that they are choosing before they move forward.

Finally, I am for you – and against no one. I believe the most productive approach is to attack the problem, not the people. I’m not out to destroy anybody, including your spouse. I work for you, and I passionately advocate for your interests. My value system and experience does not support the notion that we have to ruin your spouse, your kids and your finances in order to protect you. Divorce is an unfortunate set of issues to be resolved by the spouses, not a war that must be won. My strategy is to protect you and put you on a path to future happiness and success while minimizing collateral damage. I’ve talked about my bias in a blog post you can read here.


I have written and collaborated on a number of articles that have appeared in professional publications and online, and I’ve included links to some here. I also maintain a long-running blog where I post my reactions to the many issues surrounding divorce.