Divorce Options

Did you know that there are many ways to handle your divorce in North Carolina?

You don’t have to handle the legal issues of your divorce in court. You can choose to resolve your issues outside of court in a number of ways.

Your options include collaborative divorce, mediation, arbitrations, attorney negotiation, and if all else fails, litigation.

Choosing your divorce process may well be the most important decision you make, and it is one of the first decisions you make.

Download the presentation below to learn about your options. Then, contact me or look around this site if you need more information.

Divorce Paths.pdf (10.9M)

Knowing your options for resolving family law and divorce matters is crucial. Without that information, you cannot choose the process that is right for you and your family. This presentation will provide you with a description of each process and a brief analysis of the pros and cons of each.