Suze Orman Recommends Collaborative Divorce

If there is any remaining doubt about the popularity of Collaborative Divorce, it should now be put to rest.  When Suze Orman and Oprah Magazine recommend it, it is officially mainstream. 

Suze Orman is the Queen of smart money.  She knows a smart financial move when she sees one.  And she knows that Collaborative Divorce is a smart financial move.

While you have to give her credit for recognizing the wisdom of Collaborative Divorce, she does get one of the details wrong.  Suze states that Collaborative Divorce involves a mediator.  In fact, it does not.  That is an important distinction between Collaborative Divorce and mediation.  Collaborative Divorce does involve a combination of lawyers, divorce coaches, child specialists and financial experts to help a couple through the process. 

Nonetheless, Orman’s and Oprah’s recommendation should encourage all divorcing couples to consider Collaborative Process.

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