Planning for College in Divorce

In my last post, I discussed the need to face the reality that sometimes divorcing parents cannot pay for college and fund their retirement.

In these cases, children can frequently obtain loans to pay for their college education.  In these situations, parents can still be a huge help to their kids by helping them learn about and maximize their college funding options.

One of the very best resources to learn about college funding options is the College Foundation of North Carolina (“CFNC”).  This non-profit has a tremendous website that helps students and parents learn about ways to pay for college and post-graduate education. 

CFNC’s website has valuable information on loans to students, loans to parents, grants, scholarships and other programs designed to help students pay for college.

In addition, CFNC’s website has tools to help all parents and students plan for college while they are still in high school through transcript and resume tracking.  Plus, when it is time to apply for college, the online tools allow applications to be completed and submitted online. 

Not every parent can afford to pay 100% of their kids’ college education expenses.  But, with the help of CFNC, every parent can help their kids find resources so that college can still be a reality. 

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