Issues With Non-Traditional Parenting Relationships

As society changes there are more “non-traditional” families, that is families are not husband, wife, and children all in the same home.  Historically, non-traditional familes were not a choice, but more a result. 

But, more and more people are choosing to have children outside of the traditional framework.  These experiences, like traditional families, produce both great and not-so-great experiences for both parents and children.

This article walks through several parent’s experiences in both the decision making and the outcomes of their non-traditional parenting path. 

The legalities are briefly mentioned in the article.  But, there are important legal impacts of parenting children and all kinds of laws, rights, and responsibilities that come into play.  And many of our laws in North Carolina and other states are struggling to catch up to new societal norms around parenting. Most of us never considered the law when we chose to have kids. But, if you are considering a non-traditional parenting relationship, it would be wise to learn about the parenting laws of your state in advance (this is a good place to start in North Carolina). There may be ways to address the legal issues in the beginning to avoid future problems.  

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